HTC to Re-evaluate S3 Graphics Acquisition, Post-ITC Ruling

November 25, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

S3 Graphics and their complaint against Apple on account of patent infringement were definitely tempting for HTC.

But little did it know that S3 Graphics would lose their battle against Apple, when it acquired the company for $300 million.

HTC did think that acquiring S3 Graphics would be an advantage in its own legal battle against Apple.

But things do not seem to work the way HTC thought it would.


Now that HTC has come in for a realization, they are planning to conduct a holistic re-evaluation of S3 Graphics acquisition. S3 Graphics however, will continue to appeal.

ITC had earlier ruled in favor of S3, which granted partial victory over Apple. But this was Apple’s time to win.

HTC expressed disappointment in the outcome of the latest ITC ruling which stated that Apple did not infringe S3 Graphics’ patent.

ITC is scheduled to rule on Apple’s case against HTC on December 6th. Well, looks like things are going to get tougher in the world of patent wars.


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