Windows Phone App Market on a Rise; but Still Trailing Competitors

November 24, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This year could be said as the year when the Windows Phone market started to show its growth. The growth has been quite quick, but the speed is still slow as compared to its peers.

A survey by Distimo has revealed the Windows Phone reined in a total of 35,000 apps in October. But, the download traffic calculated shows just 131,000 apps a day in the top 300 apps.

When we compare that to Apple’s 5.1 million a day the figure is very small. The data shows that even with hardware presence, the Windows Phone download traffic is lower.

Microsoft’s device share is about 1.5 percent while Apple’s tenfold larger iPhone share was inordinately lower. The iPad and iPod touch didn’t actually sell as strongly, so no change in ratio was detected.

Over time, Microsoft had hardened its approach towards paid apps. Initially, it was at 70 percent paid, with a small number of apps, but currently a lot of apps are free.

Where 1,300 new paid apps appear, 1,650 new free apps also show faces. The US is the home of 80 percent of the paid app downloads, and that shows that only a tenth of the entire Windows Phone Marketplace, which is around 4,000, was making developers any money.

Another factor considered was regional availability. Window Phone 7.5 launched in a total of 33 countries, but according to Distimo, 47 percent of the apps were available only in the original 17 countries.

Microsoft’s looking to bring more support with in-app purchases and hardware and home screen accessibility to developers. But as of now, it seems that the Windows Phone Marketplace will have boost only until Nokia takes center stage of the platform.


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