Android Devices with Mirasol Display Can Boast Weeks of Battery Life [Video]

November 24, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

New on the block is the Mirasol display from Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Inc. QMT uses interferometric modulation (IMOD), which is a micro-electro-mechanical systems-based technology able to create color from ambient light.

You can simply call it the next gen display technology that uses only a fraction of power of traditional LCD displays.

The technology which significantly reduces battery drain is up and running in the recently announced e-reader from Korea’s Kyobo Book Centre. The main attraction of the Kyobo e-reader with Mirasol display is a super-long battery life that allows for weeks of reading under typical usage.

The Kyobo e-reader features a 5.7 inch XGA format mirasol display with a screen resolution of 223 ppi. It has a 1.0 GHz Snapdragon S2 processor along with Kyobo’s custom application interface that runs on top of Android 2.3.

Going by what SVP and GM of QMT Clarence Chui says, Kyobo’s customers will be the first to enjoy the exceptional color e-reader experience and long battery life that only Mirasol displays can provide.

May be we will get to see this display in future Amazon family of Kindle tablets as well as the company also focuses on battery life.

The $99 Kindle Touch allow you to read up to two months on a single charge with wireless off providing you only read a half hour per day.

Qualcomm says that they are working on the next version of the displays to include faster response times, better color reproduction, and higher resolutions.

The company is spending $1 billion to build a new factory in Taiwan that is scheduled to come online in mid-2012 and be able to produce Mirasol displays at a large scale.

Want to know more about the display? Check out the Kyobo e-reader demo video here.

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