Retailers Opening Up Earlier For Black Friday

November 23, 2011, By Christian Davis

I completely understand not wanting to wait out in line in the freezing cold night to get that awesome deal. It seems that several retailers are finally realizing this too and had the brilliant idea of selling their Black Friday deals the night before and continue the sales into the next day. Yes, you should be excited for this. Probably the largest videogame retailer, GameStop, is actually going to open their doors at 12:01am on Thanksgiving night/Friday morning. Now you have time to eat copious amounts of delicious food and then look forward to waiting in line for maybe three hours; a pretty short time on Black Friday.

GameStop isn’t the only one jumping on this bandwagon though. Best Buy is also opening their stores up at 12am as well as Target. This is a great idea especially if some people have work the next morning. Do your early Christmas shopping at night and when you head to work in the morning, there will be next to no traffic because everyone will be waiting in line. Can’t beat that.

The store with the best store hours though is Toys R Us. Their Black Friday sales are starting at 9pm on Thanksgiving night. Eat and then head out immediately to the closest Toys R Us. Miss some of a Football game or not battle large crowds of rowdy people. Decisions, decisions…

Are you planning on going out Black Friday or are you waiting for Cyber Monday? Let us know in the comments below.

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