Call Of Duty Elite Gets More Than One Million Paid Subscribers In Six Days

November 23, 2011, By Christian Davis

Modern Warfare 3’s social network, Call of Duty Elite, has been a bit of a hassle for many. A lot of gamers were not able to log in or even connect with the service when it initially launched. Through the rough patch comes a rather large indication showing that we all really want to use the new social network. In the first six days of Modern Warfare 3’s release, one million people (out of the four million that signed up) bought the paid membership for Call of Duty Elite. It costs $49.99 to buy one year of Elite; that’s a lot of money on top of a record breaking launch day. There is no sign of stopping Activision and their modern war franchise.

With the amount of games sold, is that really a lot? Actually it’s a rather large amount. Activision stated that when Xbox LIVE premium services such as Netflix or Hulu Plus launched, they each took about a year to hit one million subscribers.

As great as that is, the server status is still not where it needs to be. Vice President of Production, Daniel Suarez, stated that the company has been able to restore enough of the social networking service to guarantee it will work for premium members. The news for those utilizing the free service isn’t as positive though. About half of them are still receiving error messages when trying to log in.


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