Apple iPad Owners Can Now Shop for Big Fish Games on App Store

November 23, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Game-addicted iFans now have yet another reason to shower love on Apple, for the Cupertino-based major is now opening up new avenues for their game obsessed customers.

Apple has introduced a new class of App Store offerings and the new outing will help game publisher Big Fish Games to release their games on a subscription package for App Store shoppers.

With this gaming service, users can access a good collection of games provided by the company via a dedicated iPad app.

The video-game company will offer dozens of games to Apple subscribers in a standard package, at a monthly rate of $6.99. This service will also allow the users to switch from one game to another with no downloading involved.

You can easily install the application on to your iPads as similar to the Netflix set up. The Big Fish app comes with game titles like Mystery Case Files and Mahjong Towers for the subscribers.

To play the Big Fish games on the iPad, users will initially need Wi-Fi connectivity so as to link to the company’s data center.

The initial subscription charge is $4.99 as of now, which will increased to $6.99 early next year, along with the addition of more titles. The company is also providing a free ad-supported version of the service, which will allow the subscribers to play for 30 minutes each day.

Apple will get 30 percent commission from the Big Fish gaming service. So, when will you start to shop for the new gaming service on your iPad?


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