Samsung to Offer Google TV Service in New Hardware

November 22, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung Electronics is hoping to bring Google TV on board. The electronics giant is allegedly in the last-stage talks with the search giant to roll out their Google TVs.

Currently, Google TV is available on some of Sony’s television models as well as on the set-top boxes of Logitech International. The service enables users to access online videos and websites on their TVs, and they can also play video games through specialized apps.

Early this year, during the Consumer Electronics Show in January, Samsung had showcased a new Google TV-enabled Blu-Ray player and companion box, but they didn’t market the product. This time, the company’s TV division president, Yoon Boo-Keun has said that they are on track to bring their Google TV next year, though he didn’t specify when or during what event they are going to do so.

The only information he let out was that Samsung is working with Google to unveil the service. He also said that the TV service would be different from their rivals.

Google TV service hadn’t gained a high enough response after it launched. The search giant had tried to boost its popularity by bringing out a new version of the service in October.

Maybe Samsung’s hand will prove to be beneficial to both the companies next year. With new hardware to drive the service, and with Samsung’s claims of bearing a difference in the service, things might be looking up for the TV service.

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