Apple Ruled Not Guilty by ITC Judge

November 22, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has been cleared of legal charges by a US agency. Apple was blamed for infringing graphic patents owned by S3 Graphics.

S3 Graphics is a unit of Taiwan’s HTC company, and they are the minds behind the image compression technology. The company had filed complaints with a US trade agency, the ITC, against the Cupertino-based company, in May of last year.

S3 Graphics complained that Apple infringed four of their patents and said that they were being used widely in Apple products. But the Judge found that the Cupertino company hasn’t infringed any patents and that they were using licensed graphics chips.

Earlier in July, another ITC judge had ruled that Apple is guilty of infringing some patents of the S3 Graphics. But the latest ruling overrides the earlier decision.

With the new ruling, the US International Trade Commission has declared that its investigation of the complaints between Apple and S3 Graphics has terminated. The ITC has the power to block the import of products into the United States if it believes that the product violates any patents.

Apple is famous for getting into legal wars and patent disputes, among which the most renowned ones are with Samsung. With the current ruling favoring Apple, HTC’s shares fell by 4.9 percent.

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