Dell Dalmore Ultra-Thin Notebooks Enter FCC; Possibly a New Lineup from the Company

November 19, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Dell has products waiting in line for fans. The American company is on the way to bring two new ultra-thin notebooks soon to the market.

The laptops, likely to be the Dell E6520 and E6420, have both made appearance in the FCC halls are expected to reach the shops soon. It is believed that both the devices will come under the Ultrabook category.

Codenamed Dalmore 15 and Dalmore 14, the notebooks were spotted with model numbers P19F and P25G respectively. The slim laptops come integrated with Solid State Drives (SSD) for internal storage and carries along many ports.

The FCC detailing reveals only a bit about the notebooks. The back end of the Dalmore models comes with a height that measures in the 15 to 20mm range (about the size of the width of an ethernet port for comparison).

They are packed with an HDMI port that seems to be multiple mini-display one, an Ethernet port and a few USB ports. A label “SATA Flash” is the clue that hints the devices will be featuring SSD storage.

Dell has introduced a new design for the laptops, which is really interesting to see. The notebooks that are manufactured with flat back come along with slight angles near the sides.

Since Dell hasn’t released any devices with a similar design, it’s possible that the company is gearing up to introduce a new line of notebooks. Moreover, the name Dalmore is an interesting name for a notebook, as Dalmore usually refers to single-malt scotch whiskey!

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