Sneak Peek At The New Gears Of War DLC Map Bullet Marsh

November 18, 2011, By Christian Davis

On Thanksgiving day, Epic Games is releasing a Versus Booster Map Pack that comes with five free maps. Why? This is their way of saying thank you to the entire Gears of War fan base for making this game such a hit. The five maps that are coming with the map pack are: Swamp, Clocktower, Azura, Rustlung, and Blood Drive. Today we’ve got a bit of a sneak peek at the level called Bullet Marsh; a re-imagining of the original Gears of War’s Swamp multiplayer map. With the updated graphics of Gears of War 3 the map looks even more disgusting and corroded. That’s exactly what we hoped for.

One of the best aspects of this map is the incorporation of the flesh eating, bat like creatures known as the Kryll. They are still going to be included in the multiplayer map which is fantastic. Shooting out the old generator removes the lights for a portion of the map causing anyone who is in the darkness to be torn to pieces. It was satisfying to do then and will be just as satisfying to do now.

Despite the other shooters that have been released, who still plays the third person title? Let us know in the comments whether you’re excited for the map after you check out the quick look at Bullet Marsh.

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