Killzone 4 Confirmed To Be In Development

November 18, 2011, By Christian Davis

Hot on the heels of the Metal Gear Solid 5 announcement, we’ve just gotten word that Killzone 4 is already in development. In the most recent issue of EDGE Magazine, Guerilla studio founder Adrian Smith stated that the team is already hard at work on the next installment on the franchise. Guerilla Game’s has been working on the Killzone franchise for the last seven years and the polish definitely showed with their most recent title, Killzone 3. Smith also mentioned that the company will be working on a bran new IP as well. Maybe we’ll hear about it at the VideoGame Awards perhaps?

With Killzone 4 being in development, the company has also been working on a Playstation Vita installment of Killzone. Metal Gear on the PS Vita is going to incorporate the new “Transfaaring” system that allows you to continue playing your game on the handheld from the console and vice versa. Perhaps the upcoming Killzone would take advantage of that feature as well. Playing multiplayer matches (assuming there is multiplayer) on the go or at home will give players the ability to constantly improve their leaderboard rankings anywhere they go.

That doesn’t sound like a bad idea if you ask me.

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