First Galaxy Nexus Customer had to Exchange Device due to Software Issues

November 18, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Alex Ioannou was a happy man when he became the first to get hold of a Galaxy Nexus in the UK.

And, Samsung did not think twice before tweeting a picture of the first person to purchase the much talked-about device.

But, Ioannou was less than satisfied with the device he brought home. Yes, he did not enjoy using the device like he thought he would.

He had trouble syncing his Gmail account because the usual account setup options were missing.

And, his Galaxy Nexus came loaded up with an older Android 4.0 developer ROM, complete with debug options including the ability to ‘Report a WTF’ condition. What went wrong?

Alex Ioannou

Maybe what Ioannou got was a developer model which was never meant to reach the stores, because there have been no other reports on any such problems with the Galaxy Nexus.

Ioannou of course, went back to the store for a replacement. He says the new one works perfectly.

So do not decide against buying the device because of this little issue.

All is well now.

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