Samsung Secu-NFC Tightens Mobile Payments Security

November 15, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you haven’t noticed as of yet, let’s tell you this piece of news. Samsung has toughened security!

The South Korean company has introduced a new near-field communications (NFC) chip that raises the level of security higher for users paying their money through smartphones.

The new technological security, called as Secu-NFC or also as SENHRN 1, is similar to the technology you find in smart cards and advanced encryption. So next time you tap your phone at a subway turnstile, you can be sure of the security.

The advantage of getting it all integrated is that the technology doesn’t consume much space as a completely separate NFC chip, so it stays snugly within the limited perimeter of a smartphone. Furthermore, the chip also packs 760KB of storage.

That may not seem much, but it is all that is needed to load your credit cards, virtual cash balances and other endless monetary data.

The chip works even if the smartphone is out of juice and works with U-SIM cards that might hide their own separate account information.

Test samples of the Secu-NFC chip are being handed out to Samsung customers and though the company didn’t mouth any partners, the chips are rumored to enter other realms other than Samsung’s.

As of now, only few handsets have NFC chip embedded in them, with Samsung dominating the herd by having the Nexus S, the AT&T Galaxy S II and also the Galaxy Nexus.

Research In Motion has the chip integrated in its BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Curve 9360. The iPhone 4S doesn’t have one, but Apple is stretching it out for NFC-aware Macs.

Online shopping and other over the air transactions are going to get real simple and safe soon.


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