Microsoft Believes Cloud Gaming is the Distant Future

November 15, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cloud technology has a long way to go before serving the users in many number of ways.

For instance, it is a possibility that the future of gaming is cloud based. Microsoft cloud evangelist Brian Prince spoke at the GDC China about the possibilities of gaming in cloud service, and Microsoft’s own cloud service Azure.

Prince believes that gaming services like Onlive and Gaikai are the distant future of gaming in the cloud, though there are some limitations in the area.

According to him, the major drawbacks include the fact that the platforms focus on AAA PC game titles and high speed internet access which is mostly available only in the cities.

There is more; he says that developers and publishers lose a little about how people are finding and playing their game. But none of these limitations prevent Prince from advocating Microsoft Azure.

The service can easily allow developers to save game states, allowing players to resume playing games across devices, like console, iOS and browsers as well.

This service will be more usable than Microsoft’s other products as the company has moved on from the assumption that everyone is a .Net developer.

Regarding the cloud gaming for the Xbox platform, Prince is already doing it and that it is really exciting. However, we are yet to lay our hands on the details. Stay tuned.


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