Product Review: AmpliTube iRig is an iPhone App for the Real Guitarist

November 15, 2011, By George Lang

Last week we introduced you to an overpriced accessory for “guitar heroes” everywhere known as the iPic. This week, we found a reasonably priced one that is actually useful for the real guitarists out there. It’s called the AmpliTube iRig.

The iRig works in conjunction with the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch; as well as a few other Apple desktop operating systems (OSs). It is a plug-in adapter that interfaces with the AmpliTube software that comes free with the iRig device. The entire package sells for only $39.99 and provides many of the sound effects found in much more expensive foot pedals made for the guitar.

Here is a YouTube video of Steely Dan guitarist Jon Herington using the system to emulate the same sounds he faithfully produces when on tour with Steely Dan.

I caught Jon’s act the other night and watched him perform with his own original band. He used the iRig onstage and got some very effective sounds out of it. As a professional guitarist myself for many years, I thoroughly enjoyed Jon’s accomplished level of playing while learning more about the AmpliTube iRig. One of the great uses for the device is as a practice system through headphones; but it works equally as well through an amplifier or direct to the console (as seen in the video above).

The AmpliTube software can be downloaded at the Apple App Store free with the purchase of the iRig and includes a built-in electronic tuner. The cost is extremely reasonable for all that you get; you just have to have your axe and your Apple device to get started.

DEV-MAG CONSUMER RATING: We give the AmpliTube iRig 6 guitar foot pedals out of 6 because that’s what they give you, and more!

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