Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus might Cost $500 Without a Contract

November 14, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Earlier, we let you know that the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus might arrive on Verizon in the very near future as the carrier started the device training. The rumors pointed towards a November 21st launch date for the handset.

Now, we have a new rumor which gives us hints regarding the release date of the device and a new off-contract price for it.

According to the new info, Google is running a competition which gives users a chance to win the Galaxy Nexus handset. The competition listing appears to have revealed the price and release date for the device.


If you check out the terms and conditions at the bottom of the listing you can see that the date when the competition ends is November 21st. That’s the exact date that some rumors have suggested will be the release date for the Nexus.

And also, Google has stated that the competition prize, which is the Galaxy Nexus, is worth $500. That might be the full retail price for the handset.

But we believe that the price may be increased to $649 to fall in line with the Rezound and the RAZR.

We will keep you updated on the matter. So stay tuned to this space. In the meantime you can place your comments in the box below. Will you be thrilled if the Galaxy Nexus comes with a price tag of $500?

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