Intel-MasterCard Joint Venture to Make Online Purchases Easier

November 14, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You search for a book you want on Amazon, and you find it. You want to buy that book; you tap your smartphone into your Ultrabook and pay for it.

That’s what you might be doing next year. That’s what Intel and MasterCard want you to do next year.

Today’s joint effort by the companies is to enable customers to pay for their online purchases via special MasterCard-powered PayPass cards or by hooking their smartphones to their computer.

Devices capable of monetary transactions through mobiles are increasing, and the developing technology of tap and pay feature on the Ultrabook will be a new turn for online shopping.

Google already has an application called Google Wallet, which will be able to work with an Ultrabook via a smartphone. The online system of payment for purchases is being embraced more and more as people get the option of not bustling their way through crowds in a store.

The Intel-MasterCard plan proves advantageous to customers because of its convenience in purchasing as well as the security it offers during the transaction.

Both the companies are moving into the Near Field Communications technology which we see growing in smartphones today.

The NFC allows two devices to transfer payment and transaction information through a quick wireless exchange. MasterCard have been issuing credit cards embedded with NFC chips, in a view to expand into the technology.

With the NFC embedded card or smartphone in hand, the customer merely has to wave his phone or card in front of his Ultrabook to complete a purchase. The Intel-MasterCard partnership enfolds a multi-year agreement and it is reported that the capabilities will be handed over to other computers too.

Ultrabooks stand as a priority to the company so they will be treated first with the technology. Moreover, they will be instilled with Intel’s Identity Protection Technology, providing the device with its own authentication and two layers of protection in software and hardware.

Security and convenience-both in the palm of your hands! Looks like the days of going out to shop in the stores will soon be a memory.


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