Amazon Kindle Fire Expected to Kick-Start Low-End Tablet Revolution

November 14, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tablet fans across the globe are waiting for the Amazon Kindle Fire to storm the markets. The less-than $200 price tag is making the fire a hot contestant in the market.

It seems Amazon’s hopes to make the Fire a strong rival to the iPad is on the verge of becoming true. And, not just the iPad, but tablets with $500 price tag and above might need to watch out for the Kindle Fire.

Would Apple face any stiff challenge? Yes, the iPad sells for $499, $500 and $699, and yes, we don’t think the Cupertino-based company is going to lower those prices. But with those price tags, the iPad doesn’t seem to lack in any followers.

In fact, the company is slated to ship  more than 12 million iPad 2s in this quarter. No Android competitor comes even close to those shipment numbers.

And that’s why, more than Apple, Android tablets are going to get the brunt of the Fire. With the $199 Kindle Fire, sporting decent specs is on shelves (or for that matter, take the $199 Samsung Galaxy Tab), would you choose a $500 Xoom or a $249 Nook Tablet?

And it’s not just the low-end Fire, but other tablets with relatively lower prices than the $500 friends are inevitably going to make a difference to the tablet industry. Even Apple can’t stay immune for a long time.

At some point in the future, Apple fans are bound to be tired of paying huge while lower options are available. But I guess that day won’t be soon.

As of now, we have no hands-on experience of the Kindle Fire to record, so it’s only after the Fire reaches the users hands, we can determine the quality. Even if consumers are not satisfied with the Kindle Fire, we think we can safely say that the era of $500 tablets are facing, albeit slowly, an end.

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