LG Google TV Sets Gear Up for CES Debut

November 12, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Looks like LG is lending a helping hand to help Google TVs in their bid to rise from slumber. Google has been going through set backs with their TV venture ever since the time of release.

As if to add to their woes, one of the major partners, Logitech, had recently withdrawn their support.

The new LG-Google combination may be seen in full form at the upcoming CES expo that gets underway in January. It is believed that the Korean company would introduce a Google TV 2.0 set at the event.

Though both the companies haven’t responded to this piece of info, it is rumored that the TV could be yet another mode from the LG ultra-thin bezel LMx600 series.

It would be really interesting to see this LG partnership, as Google had some time ago revealed that Samsung and Vizio would be the eventual partners for the Android 3.1-based Google TV update.

Though that had hot headlines, Logitech had commented that even such an upcoming Android update will not help Google TV. It has also been seen that the latest update released for Google TV had not been welcomed by customers.

However, we tend to think the new partnership with the world’s second largest TV manufacturer has something in it to boost Google TVs.

Meanwhile, Vizio is expected to bring their first Google TV sets in December. But Samsung hasn’t revealed their plans on Google TV as yet.

In case you didn’t know, Google TV is also suffering another set back –  this time related to their software platform. With Adobe having done away with mobile Flash support from Android powered TVs, users will not have the support for playing mainstream video both online and on traditional TV.

It is reported that the new Google TV version comes with a simpler user interface, more support for YouTube video-sharing service and friendly to Android developers.

We just hope Google, with their old partners Sony and Dish Network Corp and the new ones Samsung, Vizio and LG, might have a good time with the Google TVs.

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