Apple Attitude Said to Have Prompted Exit of Adobe Mobile Flash Player

November 12, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When one of the prime warriors laid down his weapon as the battle for power raged violent, everyone wondered what went wrong.

Though the reason was almost evident, the world waited to hear from the warrior himself; and so it has happened.

Mike Chambers, a lead product manager for Flash, has confirmed that Apple’s refusal to adopt Adobe player in their iOS had led to Adobe’s departure from the scene.

On his personal site, Mike etched:

“This one should be pretty apparent, but given the fragmentation of the mobile market, and the fact that one of the leading mobile platforms (Apple’s iOS) was not going to allow the Flash Player in the browser, the Flash Player was not on track to reach anywhere near the ubiquity of the Flash Player on desktops… Just to be very clear on this. No matter what we did, the Flash Player was not going to be available on Apple’s iOS anytime in the foreseeable future.”

He also recorded that the super popularity of HTML5 across modern devices combined with Apple’s attitude, delivered the death blow to the already struggling Adobe Mobile Flash.

Though it was a known fact that Adobe Mobile Flash was struggling in the mobile market, their decision to quit came as a shock.

Let’s now look forward and see what comes next from Adobe. Do you have any clue on that?

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