Nokia Champagne Spotted; Said to be First Windows Phone Tango Handset

November 11, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A new Windows Phone handset from the Nokia stables is right raking up all the mystery.. The grapevine is abuzz, with speculations doing the rounds on this unique handset. Spotted at the Design Museum on the  Thames, you might remember, it was earlier rumored as the Nokia Ace aka 900. It now appears that Nokia Champagne is the name of the device.

Amidst all the speculative talk, we are sure that the Finnish phone maker will soon come up with their next Windows Phone handset. Whether it will be the Ace or Champagne is the question that remains to be answered. The device name popped up in the list of “I’m a WP7!” app.

It is the first time that the Champagne has been revealed so close, but specific details of the handset are still hidden. The smartphone made its first appearance on October 25th.

We hear it will be powered by Windows Phone OS version 7.10.8711. If this turns to be true, then Champagne will be the first handset to run Tango, the next update version of Windows Phone 7.5 after Mango.

We also have stumbled upon info that says Nokia is planning to launch a LTE enabled Windows Phone Tango handset at the Consumer Electronic Show in the US. It is rumored that the first LTE Windows Phone will be coming on the AT&T network.

It’s also believed that Champagne might be called Lumia for a different market.

What do you think of Champagne? Tell us your thoughts, and also stay tuned to know more about the Tango handset from Nokia.

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