Product Review: With the iPic, Innovation has “Advanced” way Beyond the Pet Rock

November 10, 2011, By George Lang

Some of us are perfectly happy playing guitar for real; others need a gimmick. We just found the ultimate one for “guitar heroes” everywhere: the iPic! It sells for $14.99 online at or can be purchased at Guitar Centers and RadioShacks nationwide. Considering the price of a real guitar pic is about $3 per half dozen (give or take a dozen or so) and touchscreen styli sell for between $1 and $4, the iPic makes us ask, “Why wouldn’t you throw in at least one of the optional white ones for the same price?”

The iPic is shaped like a guitar pic but is actually a rubbery stylus for touchscreen devices. It allows big-fingered texters to easily hit the correct alpha-numeric characters with more frequency than when doing things manually. It is also a bit more convenient for playing those guitar simulation apps than your phalanges; and it will turn a few heads at the office until they finally find out what it really is.

Woodees iPic

There is such a thing as a functional wood guitar pic; but Woodees iPic has a retro kind of self-libido twang to it that is reminiscent of some nocturnal lullaby practiced at the amateur level of sleeplessness. Without proselytizing the issue too much further, let’s just say that for the same money you could have purchased two sets of those neon green, high-quality guitar strings for that new Fender Strat you just put on Christmas layaway!

While the iPic is somewhat more functional than the Pet Rock, it will probably serve more as a conversation piece in private social settings and at corporate Christmas parties than anything else; and, take it from someone who has played guitar professionally for over forty years, it will certainly not help you learn to play the guitar!

DEV-MAG CONSUMER RATING: We give Woodees iPic 1 Black Rubber Guitar Pic out of 6, because that’s all they give you!

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