BlackBerry Services Affected; Not an Outage, Says RIM

November 10, 2011, By Leo Xavier

It appears like RIM is going through tough times at the moment, although many find it difficult to live without a BlackBerry smartphone. Now, users of the company’s BlackBerry services are complaining that they experienced delays with the service.

Some customers have reported that they were getting slow responses, particularly on BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

The company did not reveal about what caused the problem but said that it was not an outage.


According to the official statement from RIM, “There is no system-wide outage, however we are investigating reports that some users in EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa) have experienced delays”.

Later on, RIM mentioned in an update that all systems and services were operating normally in EMEIA.

This new problem comes after millions of BlackBerry users worldwide were affected by an outage a few weeks ago. That outage was caused by a failure of a core switch within the company’s infrastructure. The failure resulted in a large backlog of data that RIM had to clear.

The company is facing a possible class action suit in Canada for the outage.

Stay tuned for updates on the matter. In the meantime, you can place your comments below. Are you among the ones who were affected by the delay?

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