Amazon Kindle Voice Recognition Tech to Rival Siri

November 10, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Apple’s Siri is definitely the main selling point of the company’s iPhone 4S. But there is already an Android app available for voice-controlled assistance and an even stronger rival is posing as a threat to Siri. And now, it appears like more trouble is waiting around the corner.

The latest info suggests that Amazon might be planning to develop their own voice recognition technology to rival Apple’s Siri.

An SEC filing is revealing that the company has purchased speech recognition app maker Yap.


But Amazon has not made an official announcement on the matter so far. Amazon was recognised as being involved only when the SEC filing revealed details regarding the merging of Yap Inc. with a company called Dion Acquisition Sub Inc.

The surviving corporation was found to be having a mailing address of an Amazon building.

As you might already know, Yap is the developer of the Yap Voicemail application. The technology has been described as being a potential rival to Vlingo, which is a “voice-to-text and voice recognition technology with [a] powerful intent engine to help you quickly complete your desired action”.

The Yap Voicemail app has now been discontinued. But if the app is capable of becoming a strong rival to Vlingo, it can also be developed to become a threat to Siri. What do you think?

We will keep you updated on the matter. So stay tuned to this space.

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