Modern Warfare 3 To Have 20 Pieces Of DLC Over 9 Months?

November 9, 2011, By Christian Davis

When it comes to Call of Duty and DLC most gamers would say the words “over priced” or “not worth it.” Though the complaining will probably never end, the downloadable content sells millions each and every time a new map pack is released. So when we’re hearing rumblings of  Modern Warfare 3 to have 20 pieces of DLC, that’s definitely something to pay attention to. Whether you like downloadable content or not, having a consistent flow of new content added to your game is nice to have and keeps things fresh.

According to Playstation.Blog the 20 bits of DLC will comprise of maps for the game’s multiplayer and the newly introduced survival mode, Spec Ops. Multiplayer maps were a given, but maybe Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games are trying to make Spec Ops a hit like Black Op’s Zombie survival mode?

Pricing wasn’t discussed but if you were to look at the history of Infinity Ward’s charges for map packs, you can assume it will be around $15. When can we expect to start seeing some new content for Modern Warfare 3?  Early 2012 according to the report and all of which will be released during a nine month period.

To keep your wallet from jumping out the window, invest in Call of Duty Elite and save yourself some money.


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