Gear Up for the Mobile OS from Mozilla; Boot to Gecko Being Tested

November 9, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Are the developers at Mozilla testing their new mobile operating system at the moment? Well, according to what we get to hear, they should be.

Mozilla had announced, in July, their intention to enter the mobile operating system wars and since then the world has been dying to hear more about it. Though no official update is available yet, it looks like they are sitting pretty.

Boot to Gecko (B2G), an operating system for mobile devices that would run applications primarily on the Web, aims at creating a common framework for using the apps on the web on any operating system, provided the OS supports B2G’s technology.

We have stumbled upon info that tells us that developers should be completing basic functions like accelerometer, camera, messaging, telephony and power management by the end of this year along with a user interface, called Gaia, for the phone.

Though the success of this application is still a hot topic of debate, Mozilla seems to be very confident of their product.

A working demo can be expected by first quarter of 2010. The actual product might be launched, hopefully, by Q2 of 2010. Do not hesitate to share with us your take on the new Mozilla endeavor.

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