Verizon Giving Microsoft Win Phone OS the Miss is a Curious Case Indeed

November 8, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Mobile platforms have been in brisk competition this year, especially with the advent of the Windows Phone. Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Research In Motion’s Blackberry OS, which will soon be named as BBX, are currently the list leaders.

We saw webOS being kicked out by Hewlett-Packard, but then heard of its proposed rebirth. But all the while, Windows Phone has hovered in the background, with an occasional rearing of its hood.

When comparisons between handsets arise, Windows Phone doesn’t have anything much to spell out wit regard to credibility. Keeping apart personal preferences of customers, we can safely say Windows Phone stays right at the bottom, way behind all the other platforms.

When the US market is put under the lens, it is hard put to find Windows Phone handsets among the other biggies. Windows Phone smartphones are few in number, and one factor, we guess, is due to a carrier that has refused to tag them along.

AT&T and T-Mobile USA have put up with having a go with the Windows Phone handsets, and we will be seeing the carriers handing out smartphones from Samsung and HTC soon, possibly before the holidays. The one who has turned a blind eye is Verizon Wireless.

And, that fact shouldn’t come out as a surprise either, because, at the start of this year, Tony Melone, Chief Technology Officer for Verizon commented that Verizon didn’t need the Microsoft-Nokia partnership, by which he meant Windows Phone.

He had said the three main competitors on the carrier are iOS, Android and BlackBerry. His words have come true. For, while we were hit with news of Windows Phone handsets arriving on AT&T and T-Mobile, we didn’t hear anything of that sort from Verizon.

Apparently, the wireless network is downright snubbing the Microsoft OS and focusing mainly on Android. Why do you think that is?

Is it because they don’t trust Microsoft to keep up with the Android competition? Or with the iOS, for that matter?

Whatever the reasons be, it would do well for both the companies to have a deal. Verizon’s got a big market share in theUS, and opting out of Microsoft’s platform would be a big mistake.

Handsets coming only out of AT&T and T-Mobile warehouses won’t fulfill the American citizen’s wishes. And moreover, the competition is just too big to pass.

Microsoft can churn out high-end CDMA-based phones for Verizon’s network, if they so wish. And, Verizon’s got a horde of subscribers waiting for Windows Phone to happen on the carrier.

With choices abound from the carriers, US markets will be on the rise with smartphones offering difference. And, the competition will be good for the platforms too.

Are you on Verizon? Wouldn’t you like to have a Windows Phone on Verizon?

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