Mozilla Firefox 8 Now Available; But Not the Final Build

November 8, 2011, By Leo Xavier

It appears like Mozilla has taken into account the anxiety of Firefox fans who are waiting for the release of the next version of the web browser.

Mozilla’s Firefox 8 is now available at their FTP site, although the official launch is scheduled to happen only a few hours later.

You can head over to the site and grab your copy now. But we encourage you to wait until the official release since Mozilla has said that the release is not final.


According to a Mozilla spokesperson, “The builds are still up on the servers and are undergoing testing and verification as part of our open development process. These builds are not final and part of the pre-release activity.”

It definitely won’t hurt to wait a bit longer. And as for the new things that are coming with Firefox 8, it includes a lengthy list of bug fixes.

The new features include: Twitter integration (Twitter is now in the search bar); third-party add-ons are disabled by default; improved start-up time when windows are restored; improved performance and memory handling; and Improved HTML5 support, including HTML5 context menus.

So, are you already playing with Firefox 8? You can leave your thoughts in the comments box.

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