Microsoft and Huawei in Talks Over Android Patents

November 8, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Patent wars are already going on between leading manufacturers around the world. Now, Huawei has confirmed that they are in talks with Microsoft over the use of the Android operating system.

It appears like the Chinese infrastructure giant does not want to end up in legal battles against Microsoft.

According to Microsoft, Google’s Android OS infringes intellectual property rights. The company has already convinced Samsung, HTC and other companies to pay it patent royalty fees.


As you might know, Chinese companies have something of a reputation when it comes to patent rights. And also Huawei’s Chinese identity has been viewed with suspicion earlier.

Earlier, the company was barred by the US Department of Commerce from building a wireless network for its emergency services. Huawei also made headlines earlier this week when they revealed that they sold telecom equipment and a “news delivery platform” to Iran.

It’s definitely a good idea that they have started talks before they launch potentially infringing Android devices.

But Huawei appears to be not too worried about the matter.

According to Huawei Device’s chief marketing officer, Victor Xu, “I don’t think this is a threat or a challenge. We are using an open-source-code operating system and an open-source chipset. Everything is open”.

Stay tuned for updates on the matter.

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