Apple iPad 3 Rumored to Feature Dual-LED Backlight Display

November 8, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You would agree with us when we say Apple products always come flaunting a handful of impressive features. It was just a month ago that the Cupertino-based company surprised everyone with the charming iPhone 4S that sported Siri and other amazing stuff. Post-iPhone 4S magic, it looks like it is now the turn of the iPad generations to re-create the magic for Apple.

We have been constantly updating you about the upcoming iPad 3 and its potential launch. You might have already read about the release details of the iPad 3 and the upgraded iPad 2 that are set to come, just a couple of days ago. The latest we hear on that front refers to the iPad 3 being made to sport dual-LED light bars.

As always, the rumors about the upcoming iPad 3 are hot, right? It is reported that the Apple will be incorporating two LEDs to get the correct brightness on the next generation iPad.

It is believed that the iPad 3 with the same screen size as of the iPad 2 will feature Retina Display technology and 2048 x 1536 resolution.

The current backlit solution on the iPad 2 goes a tad low on brightness and so the company is planning to introduce either a single LED light bar or a dual LED light bar solution for the next-gen device.

We hear Apple is more interested in the dual LED backlight solution as it consumes low energy with more efficient heat dissipation, thereby increasing the battery life. These solutions for the iPad 3 brightness have been put forward by the LED back-light unit (BLU) vendors.

Are you excited by the potential arrival of the dual-LED light bar in your next iPad?

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