Apple iPhone Experiencing Connectivity Problems After iOS 5 Upgrade

November 7, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It seems like iOS 5 upgrade created a lot of unhappy customers. The Apple support forums are getting filled with complaints from iPhone users.

The complaint is that they are having connectivity problems. Ever since the iPhone users have upgraded to iOS 5, they have been having trouble connecting to Bluetooth devices.

The primary issue is the absence of the Bluetooth icon on the top of the iPhone screen, even if the Bluetooth option is set on in the settings. Moreover, there are reports of some iPhones refusing to recognize any other Bluetooth enabled devices nearby.



The refusal ultimately makes you unable to detect and pair with other Bluetooth devices. But if this happens to you, there is a simple fix for this which you can do.

Just go to the General option in Bluetooth Settings and turn the Bluetooth option Off and then turn it On again once more. Done that, and your iPhone will be able to start recognizing other devices again.

But the only thing is, how many times will you keep doing the procedure? Each time you need to connect to other devices, you might need to restart your iPhone’s Bluetooth and that is an irritating affair.

If you are one of the problem infected iPhone user, keep your fingers crossed for Apple to roll out an update soon.

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