Apple Siri Feared by Schmidt to be Nemesis of Google

November 7, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

An interesting thing to note is that the world’s largest search engine is kind of scared of the newly emerged Apple’s personal assistant, Siri. The fear was voiced out by Google’s chairman and former chief executive, Eric Schmidt, at a Senate subcommittee.

Schmidt admitted gamely that they were wrong in underestimating the Cupertino-based company’s technology.

He said that “Apple’s Siri is a significant development-a voice- activated means of accessing answers through iPhones that demonstrates the innovations in search.”

Google’s admittance of its rival’s powers, though, ought to be looked into and swallowed carefully, for the company’s highlighting of Apple’s technology clearly downplays its own. After all, Google owns the major share of the internet search market and the company’s fear of Siri taking its place might be a bit overrated now.

Siri is technically not a search engine, but the application can be used as a tool to search. If a user wishes to know certain information, instead of going to the particular site, he can ask Siri to find it for him, and Siri will pretty much decide where to search.

As of now, Siri uses a number of web services to help search for answers. Therefore, its effectiveness is only as good as the results it churns out.

Apple might have Siri look into Google for answers, because Google is the best there is, unless the other choice would be for it to choose Bing. And both these (Google and Microsoft) are Apple’s arch rivals.

Siri does seem like a threat to Google, but that threat doesn’t seem to be so imminent. Schmidt’s fears might well have been on display for the Senators. He was responding to questions during an antitrust hearing, and he might be trying to push down Google’s strength at a time when the government thought it to have too much power.


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