Smartphone Users on the Rise; Android Gathers More Fans than iOS

November 4, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There are many different choices in the market, when it comes to smartphones. And, even though we see many people carrying around a smartphone (if not the latest model), it seems not even half of the population owns a smartphone.

A study conducted among consumers, by Nielsen, covers the age group between 13 years to over 65 years, and the result shows that only about 43 percent of all mobile users own a smartphone.

But when we go down some years, more than 50 percent of specific age groups under 44 years carry around a smartphone.

People who are of the age group 25-34 years are found to have the most shares with 62 percent owning a smartphone, while 54 percent of people in the 18-24years and 35-44 years category own one too.

While it is a widely spread notion that teenagers are hung up on mobile phones, it is surprising to find that only 38 percent of the kids between the age group of 13-17 own a smartphone.

The Middle aged group, between 45-54 years, has 39 percent of smartphone owners. People of the age group 55-64 years are also catching up on the smartphone trend, though the share is small at 30 percent.

While Apple is looked upon as a topper in the smartphone industry, it is Android who is actually dominating the mobile platform with 43 percent of the US market. The iOS smartphone has only 28 percent of followers.

Research In Motion has snared 18 percent with the BlackBerry, while Microsoft’s Windows Phone has only 7 percent. That leaves all the other platforms dividing among themselves a meager 4 percent.

Feature phones are still the people’s companion with a majority of 57 percent of users, while smartphones grew to 43 percent over the third quarter.

But even though feature phones are widely used, the time is not far off when smartphones will rise to dominate. Agree?

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