Siri Goes Offline for a Few Hours; Apple Stays Silent

November 4, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Yesterday, Apple users across the United States reported an outage of Siri, the new voice activated virtual assistant for the iPhone 4S.

Apparently, Siri could not do much except giving out the message that it is not being able to connect to the network, for a few hours starting at around 11 AM Pacific time.

Siri could perform the functions that did not require an internet connection though.

The service was reportedly restored to some of the iPhone 4S users at around 4 PM PST.

For those who have not realized it yet, Siri does its job and earns a pat on the back by communicating with one of Apple’s severs for additional information about whatever you asked it to do.

Apple has been maintaining their famous silence during and after the outage, so we have nothing official on what was going on that caused Siri to become unavailable for a few hours.

But Siri at least tried to give an answer. The service said “A number of day spas and hair salons” when asked “Where you been all day?”

Was your Siri offline as well? Is it back to life now? Let us know while we wait for more info from Apple on this.

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