Apple Siri Set to Push Google Service By the Wayside

November 4, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cupid’s arrows have struck many an iPhone user, and almost all who have used Siri have fallen in love with the voice-based personal assistant.

This attraction might in fact prove fatal to Google’s Android operating system, or at least that’s what’s been discussed as a hot topic in gadget world nowadays.

Gary Morgenthaler, an expert in artificial intelligence and a Siri board member and investor, points out that with Siri’s intelligence out in the open Apple has at least a two-year head-start over Google in the race for the best mobile platform.

With the advent of Siri, Apple has opened the doors to natural language input and understanding – a new level of interaction between a user and his smartphone.

And, Google can’t follow in Apple’s footsteps anytime soon without having an apt alternative technology.

Apple wouldn’t sell their Siri, and Google can’t buy it from anywhere else, so the search giant’s only way is to find an alternative way out.

One thing Google can point to is their Voice Actions on Android, but they lack the intelligence of Siri, in that Siri understands what we say and the context of our speech in other words too.

That doesn’t mean Voice Actions is useless. On the contrary, Google’s voice search application is a very advanced and capable voice based user interaction program, but Siri’s birth brought it down a notch.

The Cupertino-based company won’t certainly stop with Siri, and they are sure to expand its possibilities. That being said, Siri is a threat not only to the Android platform, but also to the search empire, currently ruled over by Google.

We might see or say, in the not-so-distant future, what we want to be found, and Siri will bring it before our eyes.

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