Young Workers Prefer Social Media and Device Freedom

November 3, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Social media access, choice of device and the ability to work remotely- these are what the young workers consider while making a job decision. And, sometimes, these are preferred more than a handsome salary.

The second chapter of the 2011 Cisco Connected World Technology Report says this and more, highlighting the shifting values of young workers who grew up surrounded by social media and connected devices.

This sounds like news for the IT and HR professionals. Cisco conducted a survey, including 2,800 workers under the age of 30 and college students about to enter the work force in 14 countries.

The report revealed that 33 percent said that they would prioritize social media freedom, device flexibility, and work mobility over salary in accepting a job offer, with 45 percent saying that they would not mind a lower salary if these perks are available.

A cool 56 percent of college students said if they encountered a company that banned access to social media, they would either not accept a job offer or would join and find a way to circumvent corporate policy. Also 81 percent want to choose the device for the job.

In fact, 70 percent of college students and 69 percent of employees believe it is unnecessary to be in the office regularly, with for important meetings. 29 percent of college students say that it is their right to work remotely once they start working.

Sheila Jordan, Cisco’s VP of Communication and Collaboration IT has been heard saying that these young workers and college students prize their devices and social networks and increasingly don’t distinguish between their personal and work worlds.

Expectations will force IT officials to look at their infrastructure and device policies and require some companies to rethink the metrics of how they measure employee productivity and effectiveness, accordingJordan.

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