Sony Might Look to Usher In Biometric Controllers in Next PlayStation; Files for Patent

November 3, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As the gaming world expands at break neck speed, new gaming experiences are flowing into your midst. Not to be left out, Sony is on the way to usher in biometric controllers in their next PlayStation.

After the not so successful run of the Nintendo Vitality Sensor, it looks interesting to see Sony filing for the sensing technology patent.

In the patent application, it was spotted that the company is aiming to bring the biometric sensors in their upcoming DualShock 3, PlayStation Move controllers and a handheld.

Sony’s biometric sensors will sense factors such as galvanic skin resistance, electrocardio data and electro-muscular data.

That would mean the new technology will measure your skin moisture, heart rhythm and muscle movements while playing. The bio-signal data received will be analyzed and will be used to change the settings of the game you play.

This needs to be seen as much better than Nintendo’s Vitality Sensor that notes only the player’s pulse. The biometric-equipped device detecting the player’s comfort level and state of mind will automatically adjust the game settings, thereby allowing the person to enjoy the game.

If you are looking to know more on the Sony concept of biometric control device, it allows change of weapons depending on the stress, tensing up of muscles to protect from attack, an adrenaline style boost when stressed, health bar that depletes fast when the stress level is high, background music and scenery change depending on the stress level and lot more.

You need remember that this is only a patent application and it will take more time for us to see it for real. Watch this space.


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