RIM BBM Music for BlackBerry Smartphones Lets You Expand Your Collection As You Connect With Friends

November 3, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tired of changing music in your mobile SD card? Then you must try the new BBM Music in your Blackberry smartphone. This new messenger music service allows you to choose songs from a catalog of millions of songs and lets you expand your collection as you connect with your friends.

Initially, RIM would allow you to download up to 50 songs from their catalog to your BB smartphone. You can then invite your BBM friends to become your BBM Music friends and access their 50 songs once they get added to your friend list.

Thus, the more friends you have, the more music collection you’ll have. You can also swap out, each month, up to half of the 50 songs you personally selected to explore new music.

Sounds interesting right? Yes it is. Imagine you have added 20 BBM friends with BBM Music subscriptions, and they each have 50 songs in their profiles. In this case, you actually have access to 1050 songs, including the 50 you have downloaded yourself, in your BlackBerry smartphone! Isn’t that fascinating?

Not only this. You can also create and share playlists, comment on your friends’ music or chat in real time with any of your BBM friends from within the BBM Music app in real time and connect on a whole new level.

As you can cache your songs, uninterrupted music is guaranteed even when you are traveling through a out of wireless coverage area.

This service which would be rolled out in Canada, the United States and Australia comes with two subscription options; Premium and Free. The Premium ‘full track’ BBM Music experience reaches users at a monthly subscription of $4.99 USD ($4.99 CDN and $5.99 AUD). This version will feature a free trial offer in which the users can use all the features of a Premium subscription for a limited two months in US and Canada and one month in Australia.

Though the free subscription delivers the same social experience as the Premium subscription, the users will get only 30 second song previews compared to full song tracks in Premium subscription. Users can upgrade from a free subscription to a Premium subscription at any time.

How about going for it, folks? Get it here.

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