Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Platform Gets More Apps

November 2, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Did you know Microsoft’s goal was to put as many of their existing services on the cloud platform as possible? In what could be considered a first step in that direction, the company started moving Photosynth to the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. This is sure to be the first of many Microsoft legacy apps that make it to the cloud.

At their convergence 2011 conference in April, Microsoft said they would move the first of the three enterprise resource planning (ERP) products to Azure, which has been available since February 2010.

As per that, Dynamics NAV is expected to be on Azure sometime in 2012 followed by the others. This move should gain the trust of the users.

Microsoft chose NAV as their first cloud ERP service because it’s one of the newer and more web-enabled of the Microsoft ERP code bases. Photosynth, on the other hand, is a relatively new app, and was born of the web.

Photosynth, which is a cool immersive camera application that uses reams of crowd-sourced digital photo data, may be a good test of the migration process, at least in terms of data. It weighed more than 40TB when the migration started.

But when it comes to moving older applications with more client legacy, it would be trickier to retain the rich user experience these customers expect.

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