Google Debuts New Gmail Design, iPad & iPhone Apps Crash

November 2, 2011, By Alex Ion

I love Gmail. I use it on daily basis. Reading my emails is the first thing I do when I open up my laptop in the morning. But I hate change …

Google has just rolled out a new Gmail interface this week. Meant to bring a less cluttered and claustrophobic environment for users, the new Gmail comes with improved search functionality (mailbox search that is), is cleaner, less cramped and much more friendlier. It has a lot of grey, fewer lines and boxes.

Back to the improved search functionality, the new Gmail is super smart. It brings advanced search options right into the main search field via a drop-down menu. So if you’re trying to find an email regarding your trip to Tokyo from a particular member of your team, you can type “Tokyo” and then select the sender from the menu.

One thing that I didn’t like though, is the “less cluttered” interface. But this can be changed if you’re used with the old version too much. I’m used with packing a lot of information into a tight place, but the new Gmail thinks if all conversations are spaced out a bit, it’s better. Not for me folks, but this can be customized. Click on Settings and choose your Display Density — Comfortable (spaced out), Cozy (less spaced out) and Compact (tight).

Then you can also adjust the sidebar (chats and labels) and decide which one dominates which. And speaking of adjusting, the new Gmail will fit nicely no matter what window size you use.

And while everything sounds great, there’s a drawback. Apparently the Google app for iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch has been pulled only a few hours after being introduced. The reason was that it “contained a bug which broke notifications and caused users to see an error message when first opening the app”. Google assured us that they’re working on a fix and as soon as they have a solution they’ll release the corrected version.

Not sure just how much the new Gmail interface increases your productivity and efficiency, but we think it won’t take too long to get used to it. Right guys?

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