Apple iPhone 4S Users Complain of Echo Bug on Voice Calls

November 2, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Apple iPhone 4S, after its successful launch, had been in the news with problems related to battery life. It looks like problems don’t end at that. The new hassle that the iPhone 4S is facing is a new audio bug, which produces echo during the voice calls.

Many users have already complained about the new iPhone bug which affects voice calls when connected to the wired headset.

The users on all the carriers have reported facing the problem of audio quality while doing voice calls. The echo of the caller’s voice on the other end is something they want  Apple to attend to.

One of the users with the Apple’s hands free headset pointed out that this problem occurs any time from 30 seconds to around 9 minutes from the beginning of the call.

If the headset is removed, the call becomes clear and if re-plugged the echo starts again. Both Apple-branded wired headsets and third party headsets are facing this voice echo hurdle.

Now that is more than enough to put Apple in a tight spot. The problem, which is encountered in all the iPhone 4S handsets despite being on different carriers, will be something that would make bosses at Cupertino look for some emergency trouble shooting. However, the company hasn’t responded to this issue as yet.

Interestingly, some of the users have found a fix for this problem by switching the call to the loudspeaker when the echo starts and then re-switch to the headset.

They claim that by doing that the audio quality returns to normal and after some time the echo will occur again forcing them to repeat that fix.

Are you among those iPhone 4S owners encountering this problem? Write to us about that. You may also tell fellow readers if you have managed to find a fix too.

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