“Occupy” America: Technology Helps Make it a Frightening Possibility

November 2, 2011, By George Lang

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement is coming to an interesting crossroads — winter! As the cold weather closes in on young protesters camped out on the streets, how will they adjust to the unbearable conditions?

If the cold climes of Russian history are any indication, chilly anger could move to the growing throng of homes that currently make up “unoccupied” America.

About now, you are probably asking, “Isn’t it illegal to just move into an empty house?” Indeed it is; however, for the indigent populations of early 20th Century Russia, illegal was made legal by the warlike actions of the frustrated revolutionary Reds; i.e., the Bolshevik people, led by Marxist Vladimir Lenin, took matters into their own hands and “occupied” Russia with a Provisional Government during the February Revolution (a wintertime activity).

Ignoring the United States problem could lead to an unpalatable scenario where legions of frustrated protestors demand their constitutional right to food and shelter and simply choose to “occupy” the current bastion of unoccupied homes in America. Does our government (i.e., representatives of you and me) step in and arrest them all?

There is a proverbial fly in the ointment here: American youth are highly skilled at the use of technological devices; and possession of same is ubiquitous among them. Spontaneous flash mobs have shown our inner-cities how effective and disruptive this technology can be. Groups of restless protestors simply target a single spot, IM their buddies, and voila—instant chaos!

Law enforcement is faced with a problem that only local, state, and federal government can address. The OWS movement is armed with a new and potent technological weapon—the cell phone—a device that Russian revolutionaries did not possess—and look how successful they turned out to be—even without it!

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