Windows Small Business Server: Enterprise Networking at SMB Prices

November 1, 2011, By George Lang

Many small to medium businesses (SMBs) are cheating themselves out of corporate-power networking solutions because they are unaware of the features and pricing of Microsoft’s robust Windows Small Business Server (SBS). Available in both Standard and Essentials Editions, each with an available Premium add-on, Windows SBS 2011 offers SMBs “traditional” enterprise-level functionality—used by large corporations—at a small fraction of the cost.

We have put together approximate current online *pricing for you.

When purchased separately, the components included with Windows SBS 2011 Standard Edition with Premium Add-On are priced approximately as follows:

  • $1100/two Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1 w/5 CALs (2 copies with Premium Edition)
  • (Included) Microsoft Internet Information Server (Internet, web hosting, and intranet)
  • $800/ea Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 w/5 CALs (Email)
  • (Included) Microsoft SharePoint® Foundation Server 2010
  • $1000 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 w/5 CALs (Database, Premium Add-on only)
  • $3000 Total *Based on Google Product Search 11/01/2011


SBS Standard Edition with Premium Add-On offers the same functionality:

  • $650 Microsoft Windows SBS Standard Edition 2011 w/5 CALs
  • $850 Microsoft Windows SBS Premium Add-On w/5 CALs
  • $1500 Total *Based on Google Product Search 11/01/2011


SBS Standard Edition is limited to 75 client computers hosted on the network by a single SBS server. For this reason, SBS is ideal when applied to businesses like realtors, law firms, contracting and consulting firms, professional offices such as doctors and clinics, and small service organizations.
Here at Device Magazine we are particularly excited about mobile networking solutions and their impact on the bottom line for small entrepreneurial organizations. SBS offers secure remote connectivity to the corporate network from smart phones, laptops, tablets, and employees’ home PCs via virtual private networking (VPN), a service of the IIS component.

Any professional networking product must include a discussion of installation and maintenance costs; professional IT service costs that often rival or exceed the price of the software and hardware combined. Microsoft assures that these costs have been minimized in the Windows SBS 2011 product. The “solutions-based” product dramatically lowers costs at every level over “traditional” networking solutions. Click the following link to watch informational video: WINDOWS SERVER SMALL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS

The functionality of the SBS, solutions-based product is limited only by the imagination of the visionary entrepreneur as exemplified in the following passage, taken from a previously published article in Device Magazine, touching on the interaction between the new Microsoft Windows Phone and SBS: “Take, for instance, the functionality of the expensive devices carried by UPS and FedEx carriers (e.g., fleet GPS tracking and dispatch services; transaction logging; etc.). Similar functionality—and much, much more—can now be programmed into a much less expensive Windows Phone” (Lang); futuristic functionality at a feverishly attractive price.

Endorsing Small Business Server by Microsoft is easy; using it is even easier. SBS is a “solutions-based” server product which includes:

  1. A Simple and Cost-Effective IT Solution for the SMB
  2. Reliable Data Protection
  3. Maximization of Return on IT Investment
  4. Improvement of Employee Productivity


SBS provides powerful functionality, security, backup, and accessibility; making it a wise choice for any small business that wants to play at the same level as the big boys for a small fraction of the price.

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