Verizon makes Interceptor better with fast wireless

November 1, 2011, By Daniel Rapcencu

Interceptor Ignition Interlocks Inc has products that measure BAC (Breath Alcohol Content) and prevent the operation of the vehicle.  The devices also request breath samples at random times during the operation of the vehicle and demand the driver stop driving if the operator fails the breath test or ignores it.

Even more drastic measures are taken if vehicle operation continues without a verification of a successful breath test.  The lights flash and the horn beeps to attract the attention of police.

The devices also provide real-time information from an on-board GPS over a wireless broadband connection and call the authorities to take the appropriate actions to stop the vehicle and arrest the driver if needed.  Such operation demands a reliable and dependable wireless connection.

N top of everything else, a picture of the driver is taken and transmitted to the servers for display by authorities as proof of who was driving.

Interceptor Ignition Interlocks has just chosen Verizon Wireless to be their wireless provider.

The Chief Executive Officer of Interceptor Ignition Interlocks, John Ruocco said “We were blown away by how fast our ignition interlock devices communicated with both the network and with our servers.  In our business, almost everything happens in real-time and having a fast reliable network is key to our success. We also needed a wireless provider that offers nationwide coverage at a great value. The Verizon team gave us exactly what we hoped for and we’re looking forward to working with them.”

Their products are installed in the vehicles of DWI (riving While Intoxicated) offenders by a court order.  They also have other products for businesses and even one for use with teenage drivers for parents.

The President of Verizon Wireless’ New York Metro Region, Pat Devlin explained “When Interceptor reached out to us and explained what they need our network for, we knew that they would not only need fast speeds but also reliability.  We’re proud to say that we can offer both, to our business and consumer customers alike. Interceptor contributes to the safety of our roads and we are very happy to contribute to their success.”

Verizon’s M2M (Machine to Machine) Management Center monitors the Interceptor Ignition Interlocks’ M2M equipment and allows interaction and control with the mobile equipment.  Real-time server updates of current information as well as history are instantly available 24/7.

Now, a year or so ago, Interceptor Ignition Interlocks teamed up with AT&T as seen in the video below.  I have an important question: What made them switch to Verizon?

You can see that this device can make our roads safer and protect us from some of the problem drivers.  Be safe out there.

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