New Modern Warfare 3 Trailer Showcases New Modes And Maps

November 1, 2011, By Christian Davis

We are only one week away from the soon to be record breaking first person shooter, Modern Warfare 3. The guys over at Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have been giving us a steady stream of trailers showcasing some of the newest additions to the franchise and they’re back again with another sneak peak at the game. This time, the trailer is going into detail about the new modes and maps that we’ll see in Modern Warfare 3. In the past, we got our hands on the addictive new Kill Confirmed game mode at the first Call of Duty XP convention. This new mode has players retrieve the dog tags of fallen enemies to rack up points for their team rather than just simply kill them. That mode is a lot of fun, but there was another game mode up the company’s sleeve that they’re just now unveiling.

The second new game mode is called Team Defender. This gametype puts a spin on the traditional capture the flag gameplay. When the game starts, the first person to get killed drops a neutral flag that both teams will be fighting for. What’s the benefit of holding this flag? This flag will give your team more points for each kill earned in the game. So if you happen to be down by a few and your team ends up grabbing the flag, you will skyrocket closer to the opposing teams score and hopefully pass them up.

These new game modes look like a lot of fun and with the new maps that they’re adding to Modern Warfare 3, they could very well be some of the most played modes in the game. Level that take place in the subways of London, downtown New York (which is destroyed by the way), or the streets of Paris show a nice variety of locales for us to battle it out in.

Here’s the trailer below! Let us know what you think in the comments.

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