HP Workstation Helps Easy Video Editing; Works with Adobe, Avid and Sony Creative Software

November 1, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Hope you remember, HP had recently announced their return to the PC business. The company has now lined up new workstation configurations for desktop and mobile video editing.

Made for professionals and also entry-level editors, the new technology can be used for next-generation video editing easily.

The new platform, developed in software partnership with Adobe, Avid and Sony Creative Software, is really a wonderful tool for those working in the media and entertainment industry.

The workstation, powered by the Intel Xeon and Core processors paired with the NVIDIA Quadro graphics card, will allow users to work uninterruptedly from the beginning to end of a video.

The workstation along with the new HP ZR Series Performance Displays and the HP DreamColor LP2480zx will give high performance and accuracy for the creative users.

They can use the 20 to 27-inch performance displays that come with the industry-standard inputs, top in-plane switching screen technology, sRGB and Rec.709 color primaries at low cost for color-critical applications.

Using the powerful workstations, users can do complex editing with ease. It offers high performance for the projects that require advanced technologies like stereoscopic 3D editing, Blu-ray support and multi-camera editing. It supports the traditional tape-based workflow projects too.

Meanwhile, the HP Mobile Workstation also utilizes the HP DreamColor panels for reference quality color in the field for the users doing the video editing while traveling.

What do you think of this HP Workstation?

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