Gesticulate With the Pantech Vega LTE

November 1, 2011, By Daniel Rapcencu

The phrase “Look Ma, no hands!” applies to the Pantech Vega LTE smartphone; at least no hands touching the Vega LTE.  That’s right; you can use the phone just by waving your hands in front of it.

It can interpret your movements in view of it’s camera that’s also used for video chats.  Move your hands in the right way and you can use the phone.

Shown in the video below, you can operate your phone when you would rather not touch it.  Whether your hands are full of cookie dough or all greasy from working on the car, you can still answer your phone.

The Korean company Pantech is using eyeSight’s Hand Gesture Recognition Technology which includes “advanced Motion Sensing and Motion Capture algorithms.”  The company eyeSight is one of the world’s leaders in hand motion control.

They have developed their technology to control just about anything you can imagine from appliances to laptops to MP3 players to smartphones.  And they are not limited to the video chat camera.  Hand gestures on the other side of the phone can also work.

eyeSight’s Hand Gesture Recognition Technology is embedded into Pantech’s Vega LTE smartphone.

eyeSight’s CEO Gideon Shmuel said “Pantech users will enjoy a completely new user experience, controlling their device with natural and intuitive hand gestures.  The agreement with Pantech allows us to extend our reach in the fast growing South-East Asian market further emphasizing eyeSight’s leading position in the global field of gesture recognition technologies.”

Pantech’s touchscreen UI should be complemented by eyeSight’s Hand Gesture Recognition Technology.

Would like to pick up a Pantech Vega LTE?  Expect them to break out into the world market in the next few weeks.

I would like to see eyeSight’s technology to be slapped between the chocolate cookies in the new Ice Cream Sandwich for my phone.

I can imaging seeing an iPhone or a Microsoft Mango system with eyesight technology.  Will other manufacturers and smartphone operating system houses start to adopt eyeSight’s interface?


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