Developers Get to Feature on Sprint Zone and Sprint Tab

November 1, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sprint is planning to let developers bid for spots in the Sprint Zone and Sprint Tab through a new auction system. The decision is more in line with Place Your Ad, through which online ads are purchased and placed.

Sprint Zone and Sprint Tab are found in the Android Market, where Sprint customers can find recommendations for apps.

With the new system, the developer with the right marketing budget will stand a chance to obtain a slot, as opposed to the earlier system where developers would submit their app for free in a pitch box for selection.

With the new auction platform, developers can bid on placement at a specific theme or time, whether it’s a movie launch or some other topical event.

The auction platform Place Your AD is run by WMC global which has helped carriers monitor the quality of third-party content running on their phones and networks.

The developer can place bid on a specific time and placement and the response they receive tells how much time is left on the auction and where they stand as a bidder. The auction will be on for a week before the winning bidder gets the placement.

Robin Thompson, chief marketing officer for WMC Global has been quoted as saying by CNet that developers will only submit a bid that’s as large as their marketing budget will allow, and let the auction decide whether it’s enough.

Going by what Brian Smith, director of product management for the carrier, says, the program opens up the possibilities for smaller developers because Sprint Zone and Sprint Tab will be able to more quickly rotate through different app recommendations, allowing for more slots.

He added that the apps will still go through the same rigorous vetting process before they can participate in the program. The developers are pre-screened by the carrier and have control over it.

Now we know, Sprint is the first carrier to launch this. Do you think more players are ready to foray into this space? Let us know your thoughts.

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