Kindle: The Fire—Excellent Choice for Students

October 29, 2011, By George Lang

Amazon profitability has taken a short-term hit in exchange for its investment in the Kindle “Fire” Tablet, and for the market share it promises to embrace. And, by all accounts from pre-sales, a platinum market share it will be. One of the foremost beneficiaries of the new device will be the student.

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Online learning has become ubiquitous throughout the world. That, coupled with the vast majority of university’s’ requiring laptops for all students, makes the $199 FREE-Internet-enabled Fire an offer they can’t refuse.

It seems like only yesterday, universities began handing out free iPods to their freshman recruits with the promise that multi-media educational materials could be delivered to the student in the form of audio (e.g., podcasts) and video presentations in one small, easy to carry package.

With the Kindle Fire, students will have all that, plus the benefits of a laptop at less than half the price of the $499 iPad; whose biggest real advantage over the Fire is its cellular modem, requiring an additional monthly fee for usage that most cash-strapped students cannot afford—and do not need anyway!

The value becomes increasingly apparent when one realizes the Fire’s FREE Wi-Fi Internet access will be capable of utilizing the ubiquitous coverage that is currently saturating entire college campuses and dormitories (usually included with tuition).

The Amazon Kindle was created primarily as one small step for readers. With the Fire, it has taken one giant leap for students. Short-term profit has been sacrificed by visionary Amazonian investors who will more than reap their return—along with the obvious educational beneficiaries.

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