It is official Samsung outsells Apple in Smartphones

October 29, 2011, By Daniel Rapcencu

A lot of people have been rooting for Samsung in the Apple/Samsung patent wars.  A lot of people have also thought that Apple started the fight to ban Samsung’s products worldwide because they wanted to weaken their biggest competitor.

Whatever the reason, Apple should be interested in the latest news from Samsung.  In the last quarter, Samsung surpassed Apple to become the world’s leading smartphone seller.

Samsung shipped 27.8 million smartphones in the past quarter.  Apple, on the other hand, only managed to ship 17.1 million iPhones.

In market share, Samsung seized 23.8 percent of the smartphone market.  Apple’s share of the market slipped to 14.6 percent of the market, pushing them into second place.

In all fairness to Apple, Samsung has a much wider range of smartphones.  There are 42 Android smartphones available on Samsung’s web site.

They have three new Windows Phone models.  The Samsung Focus is available now with the Focus S and Focus Flash available on November 7th.  Two older Windows Phone 6.1 units are available including one with a QWERTY keyboard.

We will have to look and see if Samsung keeps hold of its lead in the smartphone market.  With Apple’s stellar sales of the new iPhone 4S and Samsung’s sales of its Galaxy line of smartphones being blocked in Australia and several European countries, Samsung will have a tough time staying in first place.

Also, as the patent lawsuits escalate between Apple and Samsung, Galaxy sales being banned in the United States is another possibility that would dramatically affect Samsung.  Of course, if Samsung has another smartphone the will not violate (according to Apple anyway) Apple’s patents, they might be able to save themselves.

Do you think Samsung will remain in first place in Q4?

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